Who we are?

We are an international trade company based in Turkey. Our main trade fields include Industrial Equipment, and Machinery. We are working a broad range of high profile and trustable companies around the world to serve our valued customers. Helping our partners to find what they need with the highest quality and a competitive price and deliver to them in the fastest time is our main responsibility. To do this we have established a sustainable relationship with our resources from America, Europe to Asia and every day we are ready to receive new inquiries from new customers around the world.

  • Supplying Industrial electric and electronic products is one of our main activities. Based on our valuable relationship with the different suppliers of industrial electric and electronic products we can offer our customer the best available prices.
  • Some of the best-selling electric and electronic products include PLCssensorsencoders, transducersinvertersHMIsdrives, and controllers.
  • Robotics is a branch of engineering focused on the development of programmable machines – robots – that can perform a series of tasks on behalf of human beings. Industrial robots are increasingly used in a variety of industries and applications. They come in a wide range of models with the reach distance, payload capacity and the number of axes of travel (up to six) of their jointed arm being the most common distinguishing characteristics.
  • Industrial robots are used in a variety of applications such as Handling, Palletizing, Cutting, Finishing, Sealing and gluing, Spraying, and Welding. There are different kind of industrial robots – in our business we focus on four main categories: Cartesian robotsSCARAparallel and pick-and-place robots.  Besides these machines, we sell accessories and components for robotics.
  • We provide numerous types of measuring instruments – usually portable – intended for industrial use. These equipment are used to measure a physical quantity – e.g., time, mass, temperature, flux or amount of energy, etc.
  • We are providing different types of instruments such as flow meters, analytical devices, pressure transmitters, level meters, temperature meters.
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